• Powders & Spices

    Each spice or powder has a unique flavor, true to the region it was grown.
  • Beans

    We offer a wide variety of dried beans, from a simple pinto to a gourmet black lentil. You are sure to find something to make the perfect soup or dish with. *Please call us for shipping rates if you wish to order more than four 10 lb. bags of Anasazi, Bolita, or Pinto Beans.
  • Coffee

    Roasted to perfection, we deal with a small coffee company that's right here in Colorado, to provide us with the special blends of coffee for our business.
  • Italian Olives

    One of the highest select quality olives available, jarred and seasoned to a perfect spicy and flavorful treat.
  • Salami

    Each has a great distinct flavor, try one of the wine salami, herb or Italian dry, each goes great with wine, cheese crackers, or just to make a great sandwich.


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